Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 4 (18) / 2017

Issue date: 27.08.2017

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Islam Karimov’s Role in Modernization of Education System in Uzbekistan


. Islam Karimov’s Role in Modernization of Education System in Uzbekistan

Approaches on Preparation of English Language Teachers in Uzbekistan: Achievements and Shortcomings

TO LEARN OR NOT TO LEARN? TO LEARN! (Interview with Saodat Nasirova, director of Conficius Uzbek-Chinese Institute under Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies by Natalya Silkina)

The Homonymy of the Word Forming of the Russian Language as the Lexical Variety of Homonym

Towards the Structural and Semantical Subcategorization of Functional Verbs Combinations in Contemporary German

Derivational Model of Derivative Economic Terms in Turkish

Two Perspectives on Linguistics in Uzbekistan: Implications for Teaching, Analysis and Research

Anthropocentrism of Literary Texts as a Principle of Organization of Its Pragmatic Structure

Researches on Language of the Press in the Iranian Linguistics

Critical Evaluation and Assessment of the Written Task and Assessment Literacy

Efficiency of Recognizing Nation’s Culture in Learning a Foreign Language

Methodology without Technology: Modifying New Teaching Methods for Developing Countries

Using Multimedia Devices as an Initial Stage of Enhancing Listening Competence

Linguo-Cultural Aspects of Translating the Documentary Video Movies from Russian into Hindi (a Short Guidelines on Translation for Students Studying Hindi at Russian State University for Humanities)

The Нead of State and International Media Image of the Country

Specific Features of Chinese Television Development

Development of Modern Trends in Chinese Print Mass Media

The Theme of “Demonic Disharmonies” in Romantic Lyrics of Yevtushenko: Stylistic Aspect (with the examples of «В вагоне шаркают и шамкают…»)

Japan: Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy

The Role and Importance of Interactive Methods in Teaching English Language Pronunciation

Artistic Illustration of Leilat al-Mi’raj

Specificities of Functioning of Economic Journalism in Media

Harbin on the Crossroads of Western and Eastern Culture

The Garden of Rill and Poets

“Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching, Assessment”. CHAPTER 6: Language Learning and Teaching

Science is a Priority

«Сообщество учителей английского языка» (Community of English Language Teachers) Interactive Scientific and Methodical Journal — (

Music and Mobiles in the English Language Classrooms

Towards 70th Anniversary of Khamidulla Dadaboyev