Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 1 (20) / 2018

Issue date: 12.01.2018

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Issue articles:

Semantic and Syntactic Features of Function Word Misli

Opposition of Using of the Italics and Inverted Commas in N.S.Leskov’s Works

On Synonyms Conveying Polite Affirmation and Negation in the Turkish Language

Cognitive-Semantic Analysis of Time Concept of Time 1. Part 3. Relative Time

Tactics of Silence as the Realization of Speech Strategies of Mitigation in Modern Russian Diplomatic Discourse

On Cognitive Mechanism of Formation of the Image of a Spontaneous Comparison (on a Material of the French Language)

Lexico-semantic Relations of Antonymic, Polysemy and Synonymy in the Russian and Uzbek Languages

Comparative analysis of the semantics of kakujoshi に (ni), で (de) and their equivalents in Uzbek

On Reflection of Linguoculturology in Country Study Dictionaries and Teaching a Foreign Language

Peculiarities of Teaching English Language to Blind and Visually Impaired Learners

Communicative Approach to Teaching Reading Skills at English Lessons

The Main Principles of Listening Comprehension In the Process of Teaching Language

Productivity and Means of Using Infographics in Education Process

Distant Learning and Technology is the Future of National Education


Intercultural Communication and Problems of Teaching English to Students-Nonlinguists

General Principles of Training Translator-Specialists

On the Situations that Cause Translation Transformations

Law Press: Foreign Practice and Experience of Uzbekistan

Saidy Umirov’s Features of Journalism

The Problems of Behaviors in Photojournalism

John Updike is an outstanding “life-writer”

Poetics of S. P. Borodin’s Prose: Conceptual Dominants and Research Strategies in the Study of the Creative Laboratory of the Writer

The Place of the Literary Psychologism in the System of Literary Concepts

Comparative-typological Analysis of the Works ‘The Story of Joseph’ and ‘The Past Days’

Some Reflections on Content and Genre

The Motive of Memory in the Structure of the Work by D. Iskhakov

Sociological Analysis of Small Towns of Uzbekistan through the Prism of ‘Oral History’

A Toast to the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns

Three Unforgettable Days in the ‘Empire of news’

‘Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment’

From Theories to Skills. The review to the book Akbarov A.

A Pedagogue- is not a profession; it is a calling of the soul. M.T. Iriskulov – 80 years old

All the life is on the path of knowledge. S.U.Umirov – 80 years

He Was Great Connoisseur of The Spanish language (In Memory of Komiljon Abdullayev)