Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 1 (9) / 2016

Issue date: 09.01.2016

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Integral Model of Gradual Education

Integral Model of Gradual Education

Polyglot ambassador who never learnt languages through courses, except English taught at school. Interview with the Ambassador of Oman in Uzbekistan Muhammad Al-Lavati

Turkic Languages of Eurasia: Scientific Heritage of Ayub Gulyam

Turkic Phraseological Calques in Ancient Russian Translations of Middle Asian Petitioning of the 17th Century

Derived Turkic Words (based on explanatory dictionary)

Personal Pronounce in the Context of the Category of Politeness (a Comparative Study)

Syllable is the Concentration of Segmental and Supra-segmental Units

An Analysis on the Materials for Teaching Chinese in Current in Uzbekistan in the View of Localization Referreing to “Hanyuxingmubiao”

Impromptu Speaking — as One of the Ways of Organizing Student Centered Learning

Does Students’ Native Language Hinder in Learning English?

Peculiarities of Poetry Translation (Ghazals by Alisher Navoi in Russian and English)

Contemplations on the Effect of Bi-and Trilingualism

ancient writing manuscripts, spirit heritage, ancient piece of literature, national culture, globalization, historic documents, orient science

The Role of Transcontinental Caravan Routes in Developing International Trade and Economic Communications

The Problem of Humanism in the Works of Shin Kyung-Sook

Gazels by Jami

Philosophy of Life and Death in the Story of the Modern Iranian Writer of Vazhihe Ali Akbari Samani

natural environment, view of nature, Koreans’ view of nature, myth, Shamanism, world view

Names of Days of the Week are Small Keys to Read Culture

On the Issue of the Sentence and Syntactic Structures in Korean

Сommon European Framework References in the context of political and educational: learning, teaching, assessment”

Professor Fayzulla Muminov is the best teacher

Living With Love for Job and People. Commemorating 70th Anniversary of L.A.Abidova

Proverbs and Phraseologisms Describing the Woman’s Character.

Modal Verbs of French Language in Anaphoric Function

Sociolinguistic Peculiarities of Texts Written in the System of English Franca