Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 6 (14) / 2016

Issue date: 27.11.2016

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Issue articles:


Republican Scientific-Practical Centre for Developing Innovative Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages – a new step on the way of changing and implementation of educational reforms

Teaching foreign languages in the level of international standards as a factor of organization of education quality management system

Interview with Sardor Khusanov, graduate student of the Tashkent chemical technologies institute: One in a Thousand — Foreign Language Essay Contest Winner from Uzbekistan Shares His Thoughts

Linguaculturology as a Modern Branch of General Linguistics

Pecularities of using metaphor and metanomy in the process of linguistic melioration

The Main Theoretical Problems of Corpus Linguistics

Theory of mental spaces and theory of conceptual blending

Stylistic peculiarities of the language of modern Chinese newspaper

Allusion and language game in intertextual newspaper headings

On the concepts of correspondence and equivalence in contrastive linguistics

Proper nouns and problems of their translation in English and Uzbek

Role of national-cultural factors in teaching foreign language

Teaching methods and classification of neologisms in modern Spanish

English scientist-pedagogue and methodologist Michael West

Integrating Project Based Learning in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Classes

Influence of movies in teaching integrated skills

Teaching English vocabulary through multimedia

Role of pedagogical androgogics in teaching foreign languages

Media Education in Uzbekistan: tendencies, issues, prospects

Enlightening of the topic of traditions related to nature and space in the “Gulistan” journal

Axiological dominants in the novels of F. Dostoevsky “Crime and Punishment” and U. Hamdam “Rebellion and humility”

Ontological issues in the stories of V. Pelevin

On the issue of studying the system of values in prose of L.Ulitskaya

Arabisms in Spanish

On teaching foreign languages with Google Plus

The Unique Photo Exhibition of the King of Thailand in Tashkent

“Common European Framework of References: learning, teaching, assessment”. Chapter 4: Language use, language user/learner. 4.2 Communication themes (Translated by Nargis Kosimova)

Kindergarten is Too Late. Continuation (translated by Nargis Kosimova)

Darya SOKOLOGORSKAYA. Functional illiteracy (Translated by Nazira Toshpulatova)

ACADEMICIAN – MENTOR OF SCIENTISTS. Azizkhon Kayumov, Honoured Worker of Sciences of Uzbekistan, who was awarded the Order “Buyuk Hizmatlari uchun” (“For Distinguished Service”), academician is 90 years old

Reading in a Foreign Language and Its Role in Teaching the English Language at Non-Рhilological High Schools

Strategies of Translation of the Author Neologisms

Literature – an Integral Part of Future Masters Training

Optimization of Linguo-Cultural Competence of Future Teachers of Foreign Language

Syntagmatic Characteristics for the Lexical Microsystem of Verbs of Motion

Common cultural context in the formation of a scientific outlook of young students