Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 4 (12) / 2016

Issue date: 02.07.2016

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Issue articles:

Interview with T.K. Kuziev, Honoured Worker of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Academician: “Fundamentals of spirituality — more than the subject”

Interview with John Larsen, Public Affairs Officer of the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent: “The Uzbek-American Relations in the Field of Education are Getting Better and Better”

On the Turkish-Russian Slang of the Volga Region and Central Asia

Classification Issues and Unification of Terms in Chinese Linguistics

Pragmatic Semantics of the Text of Spanish Proverb

The Linguistic Features of Dialogue Discourse Referring to its Being Used in Folks

The Problem of Using Medical Terms in the Uzbek Language

On the History of the Terms of the Fine Arts in English

Semantic Roles and their Interpretation in the Framework of the Theory of Predicate-argument Phrase Structure

English Language Realization of Economic Advertising Forms in the Mass Media Discours

Special Lexico-Semantical Groups of Phytonyms as a Reflection of National-Cultural Peculiarities of English, Russian and Uzbek Languages

Teaching English Speaking and Listening Skills to Young Language Learners in the Context of Uzbekistan’s Continuing Education System

Modern Approaches to Teaching the Features of Effective Writing in English

Absurd as the Variety of the Lingual Game: the Notion in the Linguistics, Philosophy, Logic

Development of Skills of Research Work of Students of Language Institutions

Needs Assessment and Teaching English for Specific Purposes

Self-study Works of Students

Importance of Learning Foreign Languages in Journalism

On the Psychological Effects

Role of Country’s Image in the International Media Space

Historiography of the Problem of Image Formation

Methods of Impact in Titles of British News Sites “The Telegraph” and “The Guardian”

Poets of Yassaviy School

Plot and Itinerary in “Travels with Charleyin Search of America” by John Steinbeck

Ways of Expressing Notion of Time through the Universe and Nature Knowledge

Feature of “Bipolarity” in the Novel Ding Ling “Late Spring”

Humor — an Effective Tool in Teaching

Psycholinguistics — Psychological and Linguistic Features of the Speech Activity

Factors of Providing Coordination of Independence and Responsibility in Nongovernmental Press Publications

A Particularite of Litterature Style in the Short Stories of Andre Maurois

Сommon European Framework References in the context of political and educational: learning, teaching, assessment. 3.5 Usage of “Hypertext” principle Continuation

It is late after 3 years old

From Distant Conference on MODERN TENDENCIES OF TEACHING FOREIGN LANGUAGES IN CONTINOUS EDUCATION SYSTEM: REAL PRACTICE AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES (27 April — 12 May 2016). Conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of UzbekistanPerspectives of Teaching Foreign Languages in the Country

Person-Centered Approach to Modern Education and Training of Students of Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Analysis of the Experience of Creating the European Higher Education Area

Interdisciplinary Status оf Contrastive Linguistics

Тendencias actuales en la enseñanza del español en las facultades de traduccion e interpretacion en la Republica de Uzbekistan

Role and Importance of the Proverbial Phrases in the Framework of the Cultural Languages Phrases

Comparative Analysis of the Law Terms in English and Uzbek

Effects of Usage of Askiya Elements in Teaching Language

Hyperbole and “Antihyperbole” as Antinomy in the Language

Typology in Gender Linguistics

Process of Transterminologization in Gender Term System

Role of Foreign Languages in International Tourism and Intercultural Relations

Review of M.Obidov’s Men ko‘rgan dunyo

Deserved Victories

Job of Passion for the Country’s Prosperity y favorite work for the good of the country

75th Anniversary of Elmira Muratova

Kato Kudzo Guise shall Live Forever within Uzbek-Japan Relations