Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 3 (7) / 2015

Issue date: 14.05.2015

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Issue articles:

For teachers of foreign languages with reference to the CEFR

Interview with Mirabbas Iriskulov. “In the very near future we shall develop UZBEK ENGLISH”

Interview with Dr. Seol Wontai (South Korea) “Foreign languages education leads to country development”

Interview with Ibrokhim Gafurov. “Literary translation is not plagiarism”

The text consisting of a single word in askia

Usage of meliorative vocabulary in German language

Pragmatic peculiarities of english business letters

Cognitive semantic analysis of field (on the material of Russian language)

Governing conditions in cognitive semantics

Main concepts and features of cognitive linguistics and linguaculturology

To development the methods and principles of comparative-typological study of paralinguistic means

The zoonimic metaphors аnd zoosomatisms in the Spanish and Uzbek linguistics

Teaching foreign languages at pre-school educational institutions

Current status of teaching english for specific purposes at economic universities

Project based learning in teaching english as a foreign language

Specialized professional competence as a criterion in demand of personnel

Psychological issues of learning foreign languages

Problem of realia in translation studies and linguaculturology

How as an economist Adam Smith confused the matter

Gustave Flaubert and Velimir Khlebnikov. Intertextuality meeting. Continuation

. Concept of the Uzbek literary process in the end of XX – beginning of XXI century

On the history of minarets

Praise as motivation: theoretical and practical aspects

About Sindhi philology

Linguaculturological features of medical terms connected with color

Features of internet advertising language

Methods of consecutive translation

Vladimir Pozner: about journalism

Interpretation of the characters of heroes

“Foreign language for children”

“Foreign language for children”

“Game as a leading method of teaching a foreign language preschool and primary school”: A Collection of Communicative games

“My first linguistic portfolio”

Life, dedicated to the beloved work. On the 70th anniversary of the M. S. Sattarov

In memory of Azad Nasretdinovich Shamatov