Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 2 (21) / 2018

Issue date: 05.04.2018

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Issue articles:

‘Uzbekistan has Amazed us’

“Uzbekistan and China: Hearts Beat in Unison”, or Teacher with Capital Letters

Official Written Languages of Middle Asia and Two-Book Buchharian Chelobites XVII Century

Paleographic Analysis of the Ambassadorial Books on Relations of Russia with Khiva and Bukhara in the XVII Century


Diachronic Study of the Tax and Customs Terms in the Uzbek Language

Aspectual Situations of Combinations with Unlimited Functional Verb Haben in the Modern German Language

Borrowings in the German Language from the Arabian Language

Some Features of Education Meliorative Words in German Language

Semantic Derivation as a Universal Principle of Functioning of the Modern Russian Language

Stylistics in the Framework of Cognitive Theory

Cognitive-Semantic Analysis of Time. The Concept of Time 1. Part 4. Nominations of Relative Time

Cognitive Analysis of Metaphoric Phrases of the Concept “Memory” in the English and Uzbek Belles-Lettres Texts

The Analysis of Linguistic Personality of Addresser (in this Case I.A.Karimov)

Semantic Features of Lexeme-Adjectives, Describing the Character of the Person (on the Example of the Uzbek and German Languages)

Aspects of the Formation and Development of Professional Competence of EFL Teachers in Uzbekistan

Learning Styles Identification as a Key Principle of Differentiation and Individualization in FLT

Impact of the CEFR on Educational Policies

Didactic Aspects of the Usage of Information and Communication Technologies in the Lessons of the Russian Language

A student-Centered Approach to Teaching Foreign Languages

Project Method in Development of Student’s Practical Skills at Non-Academic Hours of the English Language

Methods of Correcting Mistakes in Learning English Language

The Role of the Context in Translation

Category Method in Theoretical Science and Journalism

Modern Displays of Promotion on the Radio

Biblical Motives in the Novel Our Winter Alerts by John Steinbeck

Theme of Temurides in the Art of Uzbekistan

Social Problems of Generations: Discussion about the “Lost Generation”

“It was Such a Fantastic Trip to Boysun!»

The Forest of the Emperor: Tama Forest of Science Garden

Online Media in Uzbekistan: Advantages, Disadvantages and Development Prospects

“Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment”. Chapter 9: Assessment

Forum of Humanities Education (translated by Nargis Kosimova)

Comparative Content Analysis of Linguo-stylistic Peculiarities of Broadcast News (Based on Euro News and Uzbek National TV News Programs)

In memory of Gaziyeva Dilorom Isroilovna (1940–2018)

The Ratio of the Time of Alliances in the bevor / ehe in a Complex Sentence

Peculiarities of Multimedia Education Resources in the Didactic Communication Development

Amazing Discoveries of the “Boysun Spring”