Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 5 (13) / 2016

Issue date: 15.09.2016

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Issue articles:

New Principles in Training Specialists of the Uzbek Language and Literature

Zuhriddin ISOMIDDINOV: “A Nation without а Language is Like а Person Without Soul”

Language Austerity Principles and Idiomaticity

Formal and Meaning Asymmetry of Conjugations

The Use of Communicative Categories of Politeness in Business Communication of the Japanese Language

Numeral as Grammatical Category which Determined by the Stylistic Features of Newspaper Texts

Synchronic Investigation of Tax and Costoms Terminology in English and Uzbek

Similarities and Differences of Psychological Terms of the Uzbek and Russian Languages in Thematic Groups

Glossary of Vertical Lines of Consanguinity in Russian, Uzbek and Spanish (отец — ота — рadre)

An Integrated View on the Problems of Second Language Acquisition

E.D. Polivanov’s Lingua Methodological Activity and Modernity

Competence-Based Education Analysis

The Importance of Training Students’ Listening Skills

The Issue of Correcting Errors in Teaching Speaking in English

The Lexical Richness of the Russian Language

On the Development of the History of Eastern Translators and Interpreters of the Office of Embassy in Moscow in XVI–XVII Centuries

Translation is a Result of Translational Activity

Channel Specifics of the Media as Decisive Factor in the Impact on Audience

A Short History of Korean Media and Journalism

Main National Concepts in the Novel by Kharuki Murakami «1Q84»

The Problems of National Culture in Global Informational Society

Theoretical issues of cultural code

On the History of the Translation of Indian Literature in Uzbekistan

Scientific Activtity of Bobojon Sanoiy in Khorezm Tasawwuf Literature

Does Alpujarras have relations to Al-Bukhari?

“Common European Framework of Reference: learning, teaching, assessment” Chapter 4: Language use, language user/learner

Masaru IBUKA. Kindergarten is Too Late. Continuation

Inter-university Scientific and Practical Conference on Priorities of Using Teaching Technologies to the Languages of Different Systems

Journalism Study: New Stage of the International Relations

Phrasebook for All (Review: Iriskulov M., Fayzullaeva Z., Akhmedov S., Saidqulov Z. Uzbek-English-Russian phrasebook — T.: Manaviyat, 2016. — 303 p.)

EXPERT OF SPANISH. Associate Professor Komiljon Abdullaevich Abdullayev is 70 Years Old

Learning Pronunciation Difficulties and Their Roots

Modern Approaches to Teaching the Features of Effective Writing in English

Optimal Conditions for Linguistic Methodical Training of the Future Teachers of FL in Masters’

Conceptual Model of Cognitive Ingenuity of Students as Active Subjects of Creative Activity

Linguistic Game As a Factor of Forming Notions about Languages

The Importance of Pedagogy of Andragogy in Teaching Foreign Languages

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