Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 3 (22) / 2018

Issue date: 26.08.2018

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Issue articles:

“Petersburg Diary”: the Format of the Publication is “Sharp Positive!”

Abdulla Kodiri and the Vernacular

Distributive method in the Study of Lexico-Semantic Groups of Verbs

Substance-Pragmatic Linguistics as a Separate Direction of Lingu-Pragmatics

Representation of Nation-Cultural Information of PhU with the Value of the Person’s Behavior

Lingvoculturology as an Important Part of a New Philological Subject

On Clichés Units with the Component “Head” in Russian, Uzbek, English and Germa

Linguo-Poetic Properties of Suffixes that Create Morphological Parallelism in Azerbaijan and English

About the Methods Scientifically-Pedagogical Studies

Commencement of the Foreing Language Training in Educational Establishments of Uzbekistan

The Importance of Consciousness and Intuition in Studying Foreign Languages

The Role of Assessment in Teaching English

Study English, Study the World

Educational Complexes and Importance of Exercises and Tasks in them

The Problem of Teaching Professionally Oriented Listening and Developing it by ICT Means

he Role of Cross-Cultural Films in German Lessons

Informal Education Environment in the Process of Acquiring a Second Language

Study of Ways of Expression of Conditional Relations at the Employment of Russian Language in the Humanities Study

Application of Innovative Pedagogical Technologies in the Training of Russian Phraseology of Students of Groups with the Uzbek Learning Language

Some Remarks on the Psychology of Speech’s Speech


Typological and Structural Features of Modern Information Broadcasting

The Image of the Horse (“Oriental Centaur”) as the Embodiment of the National Picture of the World in the Prose of V. Ian

Philosophical-Ethical Foundations of Mentality

Memories of St. Petersburg

“Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment”. Appendix: The hierarchy of scales (translated by Nargis Kosimova)

A Main Source for Language Teaching Methods

The Review to the Book by Mansur Yunus’s “Bolalar tarbiyasi madanati”

Founder of the Scientific School and Mentor of the Generation of Scientists

Analysis of Western and Eastern Culture