Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 5 (0) / 2015

Issue date: 05.10.2015

Issue articles:

Foreign Language — the Way to International Cooperation and Integration into the World Community

Linguadidactics in Teaching Foreign Languages

How is Foreign Languages Education for Children being Implemented in Uzbekistan?

“… I Knew Foreign Languages and I had much more Interesting Curriculum Vitae than People who didn’t have those Experiences…” (Interview with in UN Resident Coordinator in Uzbekistan Stefan Priesner)

On Interrelation of Word-Formation and Morphonology

The Problem of Monolingual Dictionary of Uzbek Fine Arts Terminology in Uzbek, Russian and English

Fore Going Theory: the Cognitive – Stylistic Characteristics and Practical Aspects of Realization

The Role of Linguistic Factors in Preparation of Reportages

“A Сommon Еuropean Frame Work of Referen Cefor Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment” — what is CEFR?

Perspectives the Internationalization of Teaching Foreign Languages through the Introduction of Online Technologies in Masters

Certain Interactive Methods Of Teaching Foreign Languages

Learning the Vocabulary of English Language with the Help of New Computer Training Reference-Book “NUKUS”

Modern Methods of English Language Teaching: Similarities and Differences

Some Aspects of Teaching Foreign Languages to Young Learners

Vocabulary Acquisition for Young Learners

Personality as an Important Factor in Foreign Language Learning

Transformations of Translation and Contacts of Language (Theoretical Issues)

The Problems of Translation of Art Terminology

Economic and Organizational Basics for Strengthening the Country’s Image in the Global Media Space

Psychological Issues of Learning Foreign Languages

“Maintenance of the Associative Field” Dialogue in the Mechanisms of Language Game in the Plays of L.S. Petrushevskiy

Gustave Flaubert and Velimir Khlebnikov. Intertextual Meeting

Synonymy of the Concepts of Wedding (тўй) and Feast (тантана) in Uzbek Linguaculture (in Comparison with German and Russian Linguacultures)

Conceptual Tendencies of Modern Philological (Literary) Comparativistics

Effective Usage of English Newspapers in ESP Classes

Discourse and Text: the Problem of definition

Yu. LOTMAN. At the Threshold of the Unpredictable

Dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the Law “On the State Language of the Republic of Uzbekistan”

How to Organize a Good Academic Conference

Activities of Language Centers Reinforcement Foreign Language Skills of Schoolchildren

Review on A. E. Mamatov’s Dictionary “Glossary of Concepts and Terms of Culture of Speech and Language Norms”

The Language Opens All doors. Commemorating to the 80th Jubilee of V.I. Andriyanova