Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 1 (5) / 2015

Issue date: 27.01.2015

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Issue articles:

How is Foreign Languages education for Children being Implemented in Uzbekistan?

The Importance of Foreign Languages In Conditions Of Global Information Progress

Facilities in Teaching Foreign Languages at Nukus State Pedagogical Institute

The Hardest Way Always Leads to the Top

Syntactic Levelling in Sentences

On the Definition of some Sociolinguistic terms

Functions of Modal Particles in System of Connect Constructions

The Ways of Transpositioning of Nouns to Adjectives in French

Phraseologizms of English and French Described the Human’s Features

Comparison оf Written Discourse Elements in Texts in English and Uzbek

Role of Language’s and Culture’s Interference and Interaction in Learning Foreign Language

Communication technologies and its use in foreign Language Teaching

Modern Methods of English Language Teaching: Similarities and Differences

On Words, Causing Transformations in Translation

Peculiarities of Formation of Linguistic Competence of Universitys Students

Peculiarities of teaching interpretation

Publicism as Dramatization of the Style

Who has Technologies that has the World

Educating Ecological Culture of Schoolchildren

Mental Peculiarities of Literary Texts Expression of German Mentality in Short Stories

Change in the System of Literary Coordinates from ‘Doctor Zhivago’ to ‘Blind Beauty’

International Relations and National Identity

Features of the Genre ulan in Akhangaran District of Uzbekistan

Using Multimedia Technologies in Teaching Foreign Languages

The Role of Linguo-country Studies in Teaching English

Representation of the Uzbek Phraseological Units in German

Activities of Language Centers Reinforcement Foreign Language Skills of Schoolchildren

Review on A.E. Mamatov’s ‘Glossary of Concepts and Terms of Culture of Speech and Language Norms’

Phraseologizms of English and French Languages Described the Human’s Features

FAKHRIYOR: ‘Don’t Make Exaggeration in Language’

The Role of Linguistic Factors in Preparation of Reportages.

‘The Man Who Learned 100 Languages and Communicates in all European Languages