Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 1 (15) / 2017

Issue date: 09.01.2017

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Issue articles:

We must take an example from our ancestor – Bobur’s love to motherland

Semantic-stylistic Interpretation of the Phonovariants of a Polysemantic Word

People who know the Central Asia region always say that the level of English is better here!

Word Stress in the Russian Language as an Object of Scientific Research

Language Matters in Jadid Criticism

Gender Aspect of the Analysis of Literary Text

French Linguoculturological Concept Woman in Linguistic Consciousness

Lingvocognitive Analysis of the Concept of “Memory” in the Japanese Scientific-fiction Comic Book Mamaree Arai “Omoidedama”

Mass Media Aspect of Psycholinguistic

Personal Names in German and Uzbek: A Contrastive Analysis

Descriptors of Lexical Competence in the State Educational Standards on Foreign Languages of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Phonetic Competence as an Essential Element in the Foreign Language Teaching

English Teacher and Methodologist Harold Palmer

Effective Use of Computer Presentation with Mnemonic Receptions at English Classes

Games and Exercises for the Development of Empathy among Students in Teaching of a Foreign Language

The Use of the “MXAT” Method in Teaching World Literature at the higher education

Innovative Methods in Teaching English as an ESP

Essential Problems of Involving Parents in the Language Learning of Their Children

Uzbekistan’s Image Portrayed by World Media

Development Tendencies of Theoretical Views of Online Journalism

Comparative Analysis of Introducing Chapter of Alisher Navoiy’s Hayrat ul-Abror (Wonders of Good People)

Literature in Ensuring Human Perfection: Structural and Functional Aspect

The Philosophy of History in the Poetic Works of Vladimir Bagramov (Poems “The Fading Lamp on the Threshold …” (“Гаснущий светильник на пороге…”) and “Telegram” (“Телеграмма”))

The Unity of Analysis, Interpretation and Thinking

Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur is an Inventor of a New Script

Factors of Language Culture in the Process of Teaching the Chinese Language

Kindergarten is Too Late. Continuation (translated by Nargis Kosimova)

The Future is in Our Hands

Typological Characteristics and Analysis Linguoculturological of the Neologisms in Spanish Contemporary

Review on Modern Technologies of Teaching Russian Language and Literature, instruction book

Master’s Soul (Nazira Tashpulatova’s, Gulasal Xudayberdiyeva’s review on Literature is about discovering the human. Memorizing Tal’at Solihov, pedagogue, litterateur / Collection. – Tashkent: Yangi asr avlodi

J.J. Jalolov turns 80

Outstanding Master of Linguistics

“Common European Framework of References: learning, teaching, assessment”. Chapter 4: Language use, language user/learner. 4.2 Communication themes