Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 4 (8) / 2015

Issue date: 14.07.2015

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Issue articles:

Contemporary Approaches in Training Specialists of Foreign Languages

The Roles and Tasks of Foreign Languages Teachers in Primary Education

About Two Types of Word-Formative Relationships Tree and the Relationship between Synchrony and Diachronic in Word Formation

To the Semantic Characteristic of the Functional Verbs

The Resources of Expression in the Poetic Discourse (on the Basis of Spanish Poetry)

Expression of the category of time in the literary text

The Figurative Meanings of the Characters of Person by the Name of Animals in English and Uzbek

Language Units Expressing Advice

Lexicographic Interpretation of Anthropocentric Proverbs in Uzbek and Russian Languages

The Role of Conceptual Metonymy in Forming Idiomatic Compound Words

professional competence, scientific style, students philologists, a set of exercises, learning process of monologic utterance, language constructions of scientific style learning

Linguoсonceptological Analysis of a Literary Text

Teaching Students Foreign Languages Using “MOODLE” Platform

‘Stereotypes’ Lesson: an Example of Communicative Language Teaching

Formation of Foreign Sociolinguistic Competence on the Basis of Model Klukhona

A Good Pronunciation Means Good Language Skills

About some Difficulties in Teaching Pronunciation of French

The Language and Culture in Modern Education

How as an Economist Adam Smith Confused the Matter? Continuation

On the Diversity of Attitudes in the Foreign Mass Media towards the Reforms in Uzbekistan

Formation of Internet Ethics and its Main Principles

Mass communicativity in the online journalism of Karakalpakstan and the role and importance of foreign languages in communicative processes

On the History of Minarets Sequel. Continuation

Segregated Syntactic Form of Attribute in French Language

Specificity of Antique Images and Motives in Poetry of Osip Mandelshtam

How the Internet Changed our Brain

Important Manual on Intercultural Dimensions of Valuable Orientations, Language, Discourse and Behavior (Review of the book.: Mahkamova G. T. “Intercultural Measurement of Valuable Orientations of Language, Discourse and Behavior”)

Methods and Principals of Using the New Course Book “SCALE UP”

Review on manual “Creating images of non-government and non-profit organizations: theory and practice” written by co-authors Nargis Kosimova and Farida Rakhimova

“PRACTICE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT — 2015”: Identified New Names, New Winners

Thumbing Through the Pages of Life. On the 70th Anniversary of the SH. X. ABDURASHIDOVA

A Master in Every Sense of the Word. 70 years to Galina Arsenevna KAN

Outstanding writer, scholar and master. Commemorating 65th anniversary of Kh. N. DUSTMUKHAMAD