Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 2 (16) / 2017

Issue date: 10.03.2017

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Issue articles:

Foreign Language as the Basis of Education at the Faculty of International Journalism

Semantics of the Clauses Containing Adverbial Modifier of Time in the Text

Domiciliary and Nationality-Based Naming of Persons in Envoy’s Books on Relations of Russia with Khiva in 17th Century

Assigned Names of Birds in Karakalpak Language

The Hydronymical Terms in the Structure of Toponyms of Chimbai Region

Features of Sailing Verbs in Japanese Language

Nominative Field Formation of “Memory” Concept in the English and Uzbek Languages by Means of an Associative Experiment

Monosyllabic root word as the basis of basic Turkish vocabulary (on the material of Kazakh and Uzbek languages)

Assigned Names of Birds in Karakalpak Language

About the Motivation of Semantics of Lexis and Grammatical Language Units

Phonological transition and phonological stylistics in Russian and Uzbek

Term and Termonology as a Linguistic Issue

The Verbs with the Perfective Aspect Meaning in the Russian Language and Ways of Presenting Their Meaning in the Kazakh Language

Independent Study as Effective Method of Teaching Foreign Languages

The Importance of the Use of Proverbs in Teaching Foreign Languages

Comparative analysis of lexical and grammatical means of speech etiquette

Significance of Authentic Materials in Teaching Process Writing

Vasiliy Matveyevich Chistyakov

The Features of Dialogue in Official and Informal Meetings in French Language

Oral Communication Exercises with the Use of Modern Technologies in the Study of Foreign Languages

Development of Foreign Language Skills on the Audiovisual Material

The Importance of English in Teaching Audit Classes

Proposal for the Introduction to the Program of the Chairs of the Chinese Philology of the Universities of Uzbekistan Regarding the Subject of the Press Media

The Conception of Different Age Groups in English Lessons

Media Environmentalism: Issues of Information Space Purity

Forms of Legal Communication as a Criterion of Historical Development

Genre Features of Economic News Stories

Specific features of articles in Учитель Узбекистана and Учительская газета

Journalism is a Responsible Profession

Art of Narration: Mysterious Changes in the Speech of the Narrator and Hero

Specificities of the Psychology of the Main Character of Boots by Shukshin

Impact of Chinese Language to the Minds and Culture of Locals

Paraphrases and Their Derivational Peculiarities

The Art of Penetrative Reading

“Common European Framework of References: Learning, Teaching, Assessment”. CHAPTER 5: The User/Learner’s Competences

Kindergarten is Too Late.

“Education Won’t Base On Memory”

Vinogradov Readings – Largest Forum of Russian Language Specialists of Uzbekistan

Scholar Who Has Put a Great Contribution To The Development Of Linguistics In Uzbekistan. Abdumurot Eshonqulovich Mamatov Is 70

Dedicated to the Memory of Norboy Ortikov

In the Memory of Zakir Kurbanovich Saitkulov

“Work for Ages! Work Done with Life Passion Remain Unerased Throughout Years, There is a Key to Happiness in Life, People will Get it for Hard Work” (Interview with Laylo Akhmedova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, UzSWLU professor)