Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 5 (19) / 2017

Issue date: 02.11.2017

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Problems of Language and Education

Topical Issues of Modern Literary Education

Assessing the Knowledge Systematically is the Requirement of the Time

Creating a New Generation of Textbooks and Teaching Materials Based on Innovative Educational and Information Technologies is a Requirement of the Time

Increasing the Literacy of Students by Developing Logical Thinking

Practical Results of Innovation-Corporate Cooperation

What is the Quality of Information in Modern Journalism? (Mukhayo Saidova’s Interview with British Journalists Bob Eggington and Naomi Goldsmit)

The Eight Aspects of the Structuralism or the Abstract System and the Defects in Its Interpretation

Parts of Speech and Stylistic

Appearing the Field of Graduonymy and Its Investigation

The Usage of Interrogative Pronouns in Oral and Written English

Antonomy and Graduonymy in Heterogeneous System Languages

The Essence of Simple and Compound Units

Color Picture of the World in the English, Russian and Uzbek Languages

Interference in Non-native Language Teaching Methods

Learning Theories and Language Teacher Education

Impact of the CEFR on Teachers’ Classroom Pedagogy

Methodology of Using “Mind-mapping” at Foreign Language Lessons

Rationalization of Foreign Language Teaching Content in Non-linguistic Universities

The Role of the Text in English Language Learning

Learning English through Case Studies

Using the Case-Method in the Formation of the Language Culture of Students-Philologists

Methodological Features of English Language Teaching in Preschool Education System

The Role of Modern Technologies in Further Development of Communicative Learning

Transferring the Language Units Into Speech

Instructional Strategies Supporting Differentiated and Individualized Teaching in the Multi-level Classrooms

The Role of Information and Communication Technologies and Media Outcomes in Teaching Foreign Languages

Comparative Analysis of the Vocabulary of Uzbek and Chinese Languages for Educational Purpose

The Use of New Pedagogical Technologies in Teaching “Speech Culture”

Formulas of the Speech Etiquette as the Media of Social Information

Requirements to Learners’ Language Knowledge of Continuous Education

Tips of Teaching English for Banking Purposes

Translation of Human Rights Texts: Gender Aspect

The Influence of Media Technologies on Thinking (M. McLuhan’s Experience)

The Secret of Alexandria

Architecture and Strategy of Cultural Identity (on the Example of Uzbekistan)

“Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching, Assessment”. CHAPTER 6: Language Learning and Teaching 6.4.7 Linguistic competence (translated by Nargis Кosimova).

Makhanbet DJUSUPOV. Review on the Monography of Ganisher Rakhimov, Candidate of Philological Science, Docent “English Language in Uzbekistan: Sociological and Pragmatic Indicators”. – Tashkent: “Tamaddun”, 2017. – 268 p.

Review on the Book of Ganisher Rakhimov “English Language in Uzbekistan: Sociological and Pragmatic Indicators”. Monography. – Т.: “Tamaddun”, 2017. – 268 p.

New Work about the Translation. Complex Textbook of Translation Theory and Practice. – Т.: Publishing House of the “O‘zbekiston milliy ensiklopediyasi”, 2016. – 175 p.

Language and Culture as a Complex Problem (Review of T.A. Bushuy’s “Language and Culture”)

Reflection of the Creativity in Life. 100th Anniversary of Sharof Rashidov

The Assiduous Scholar of the Press History. To the 75th Anniversary of the Honored Worker of Youth of Uzbekistan, the Winner of the National Award “Oltin Kalam”, Candidate of Philological Sciences Boybota Dustorayev

THE PROCESS OF KNOWLEDGE IS INFINITE. Ahmedova Lailohon Tolibzhonovna – 60 years old

Getting Acquainted: a Well-Educated and Talented Leader in the Field of Librarianship – Zukhra Berdieva

In the Memory of Omon Muminovich Muminov (1941–2017)

Commemorating the Bright Memory of Lola Abdujabbarovna Abdushukurova (1937–2017)