Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 3 (17) / 2017

Issue date: 23.05.2017

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VIKTOR VASILEVICH RESHETOV is One of the Founding Fathers and the First Rector of Russian Language and Literature Institute


Memory of the Scholar of High Learning

Urinbay Khashimovich Kashimov

Vitaliy Andreyevich Redkin

Our Priority is to Train Excellent Specialists!

Uzbekistan State World Languages University and European Association of Teachers of Spanish: Current Status of Cooperation and Its Perspectives

Training Highly Qualified Foreign Languages Specialists is a Principal Task for Our University!

An Article on the Monograph (Teleuts Language Picture of the World) Written under the Project 14-04-00556 Supported by RDIF (РДИФ) and a Review Disaapearing of Developing Langauges and Cultiures Relations (Kemerovo, 2016)

Anglicisms in Modern Spanish

The Rhythm of Hypermetrical Stressing in the Novel ‘Еugine Onegin’ by A.S. Pushkin

New Trends in Stylistics

Tendencies of Expressiveness in the Language of Modern Electronic Mass Media

On Some Types of Lexical Changes in the Language of Mass Media

On the Issue of Contrastive Investigation of Lexis

Realization of Phonostylistics in Russian and Uzbek Dictionaries

Reliability and Validity of Language Teaching Strategies

Issues of Bilingualism and Multilingualism in Training of the Future Specialists of the English Langauge

Teaching Sociolinguistic Aspect of Language to Students

Current Issues of Training Qualified Teachers for Teaching Foreign Language in Primary School

Valentina Ivanovna Andrianova

The Role of Lesson Planning in the Development of Linguistic Action Skills in the Learners

Case Method Teaching to Foreign Langauges

A Place of Technical Means in Teaching Students to Foreign Languages

Probability of Forecasting in Simultaneous Interpretation

Vintage Russian translations of private letters of Khiva

The Scientific and Pedagogic Foundation of Training Social Activeness of Youth

Speech Culture as an Attribute of Pedagogical Mastery

Main Trends of Development of Modern Radio Broadcasting in Uzbekistan

Tourism as an Important Integral Part of Country’s Image

Multimedia Strorytelling or the New Form of Attracting the Audience’s Attention

Media Content

Receptive field of Fyodor Dostoyevski and the problem of determination

Social Satire of Christopher Buckley

Great Contributor to English Classical Literature – Unusual and Amazing Jane Austen

The Character of Home in John Steinbeck’s The Winter of Our Discontent

History is a philosophy of a human, time and place

Face-to-face with Technologies of the Future or Unknown Facts about Huawei

Have you been to South Korea? If not, you should

Creating Positive English Atmosphere Among Young Language Learners

Level of Alignment of News Headlines in English-Language Media of Uzbekistan with International Standards

“Common European Framework of References: Learning, Teaching, Assessment”. CHAPTER 5: The User/Learner’s Competences. 5.2.1. 2 Grammar Competence

Uzbekistan’s Perspective on International Jouranlism

WITH DEEP DEVOTEDNESS TO PROFESSION AND SCIENCE. In the Memory of Felix Petrovich Nesterenko