Scientific-methodological electronic journal «Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan»

№ 2 (10) / 2016

Issue date: 24.03.2016

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Issue articles:

Topical Tasks of Teaching Chinesein the Republic of Uzbekistan: Problems and perspectives

“Getting a good job is about quality education and constant self-study”

“Sometimes the translation work brings more enjoyment than writing poems”

On Zindies of “Xwastvanift” in Manichaean Script

Frame Structure of Terminology of Banking System in Modern Turkish Language

Negation Category in Korean Language

Comparativistic Studies by Russian Orientalists in the XX Century

Lexical Categorization and Time Representation in Proverbs of the Kazakh and Uzbek languages

On Phraseological Analoges of Japanese and Uzbek Language

Innovative Approaches Used in Tutorial Classes of Theoretical Morphology and Syntax of Korean

Making and Using Trigger-Based Interactive Multimedia Presentations in Teaching Foreign Languages

On Russian and English Translations of Some Proverbs in ‘Qutadgu Bilig’

Current Status and Issues in South Korean Media Landscape

Main Tendencies of Online Journalism Development

PR and Media Coverage of Political Parties in Uzbekistan

The Role of Traditional Japanese Poetry in Artistic Traditions of Medieval Japan (by the example of the diary of Sarasin Nikki)

The Eastern Pieces of Arts on Sport

Mysterious Gilan and its Octogenerians’ Club

Competence Approach is a Factor of Education Quality Assurance

The Theme of East in Anna Akhmatovа’s Works

“Сommon European Framework References in the Context of Political and Educational: Learning, Teaching, Assessment” (Section 2)

Review to a book: Djusupov M., Alibekova K.E., Majitayeva S. Special Lexics and Proverbs (Lingvocontrastive and methodical aspects) — Tashkent: “MERIYUS”, 2013. – 138 p