“Foreign languages ​​in Uzbekistan” (www.fledu.uz) is a scientific and methodical electronic journal considered to consolidate the efforts of specialists and disseminate experience in studying and teaching foreign languages and to promote the development of the national methodology in teaching foreign languages.

The task of the journal is to inform readers about the status and prospects of the development of the linguodidactics (scientific language education), methodology of teaching languages, theoretical linguistics, Interpretation and Translation studies, literature studies and culture promptly. As well as to popularize the academic knowledge, provide the scientists with a platform for publishing the results of their scientific activities and researches, and implementation of the information activities precisely.

The electronic journal and the Internet portal “Foreign languages ​​in Uzbekistan” is formed as a result of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 283 of October 16, 2013.

According to the document, Uzbekistan State World Languages University, in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, developed and approved the charter of the state establishment “Editorial office of the professional electronic journal and Internet portal called “Foreign Languages ​​in Uzbekistan”, and the Uzbek Press and Information Agency in the established order Registered the new Media.

The founders of the electronic journal and the Internet portal “Foreign languages ​​in Uzbekistan” are the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Ministry of Public Education, the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan State World Languages University.

The electronic journal “Foreign Languages ​​in Uzbekistan” is on the List of Higher Attestation Commission (State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles) of Uzbek peer-reviewed scientific journals. The main scientific results of dissertations for obtaining academic degrees are being published in these scientific journals.

The articles on achievements in the field of theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages, in particular, the results of introducing modern and innovative methods in the teaching of foreign languages, the most interesting articles from the experience of teachers, practitioners, articles on theoretical problems of linguistics, Interpretation and Translation studies, literature, Culture, etc. are published on the electronic journal.

The journal is an ongoing online publication that does not have a printed equivalent. The periodicity of the publication is six issues a year.

The journal is a peer-reviewed scientific publication. Before publication, all scientific articles undergo a thorough expert evaluation.

Original, previously unpublished articles written in English, French, German, Uzbek, Russian and other languages ​​are accepted for consideration. Priority is given to articles that meet the requirements of a high scientific standard.

Preference for selection is given to materials demonstrating the advantages of the electronic publication: the use of hypertext, graphics, audio, video, software and other features not realized in a traditional printed publication.

Members of the editorial board:

Editor-in-chief – Gulmira Shukurova

Head of the editoreal staff – Nuriddin Jabiyev

Editors – Mullahodzhaeva Karomat, Venera Kayumova, Nosir Kambarov

Translators – Nargis Kosimova, Nazira Toshpulatova, Zumradkhon Shukurova


D.Sc., professor D.S.Kulmamatov,

Ph.D., Professor Ahmedova L.T,

Ph.D., associate professor Kambarov N.M,

Ph.D., associate professor Kayumova V.F,

Ph.D., associate professor Kosimova N.S,

Ph.D., associate professor Mullahodzhaeva K.,

Ph.D., associate professor Toshpulatova N.K

Ph.D. Hayitova F.B.

Address of the editorial board of the electronic scientific and methodological journal and the Internet portal “Foreign languages ​​in Uzbekistan”: Tashkent, Chilanzar district, st. Mukimi 104, room 54, the building of Uzbekistan State World Languages University.

Tel. + 998 71 2539152; +998 71 2539152;

E-mail: info@fledu.uz or elektronjurnal@mail.ru